Physiology of Action Lab

Head of Laboratory:
Dra. Valeria Della-Maggiore. Ph.D. Lecturer, Department of Physiology; Scientist (CONICET) (Associate, CONICET)

Our aim

In general terms, our research focuses on the behavioral neuroscience of motor control. We use non-invasive human brain mapping techniques such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalography to study the contribution of the motor network to different aspects of motor control and motor learning. The different lines of research involve elucidating the physiological mechanisms mediating motor learning in predictable and unpredictable contexts, the role of prediction in the adjustment of executed and observed actions, and the relationship between functional and structural changes associated with motor skill acquisition.

Lab members

Valeria Della-Maggiore.

Claire Landmann

Agustín Petroni Federico Baguear

Sofía M. Landi Mauro E. Lioy Mariel Bernal


Gustavo Murer
Luis Riquelme
Scott Grafton
Heidi Johansen-Berg
(Universidad de Oxford)
Sandra Rossi
(CENARD, Argentina)


For further details please contact:
Physiology of Action Lab
Departamento de Fisiología - Facultad de Medicina
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Paraguay 2155 6º (1121)
Buenos Aires - Argentina

Papers published in the last five years