Laboratory of cellular and behavioral neurobiology

Lab members:
Director: Dr. Ramón O. Bernabeu Ph.D.

Ph.D. students:
Pascual, Mariano(CONICET fellow)
Pastor, Verónica (CONICET fellow)
Kedikian, Ximena (ANPCYT fellow)

Dr. Jean Zwiller, Universite Louis Pasteur, France
Dra. Estela Andres, Universidad Católica, Chile
Dra. Cecilia Scorza, Instituto Clemente Estable, Uruguay
Dr. Pablo Schwarzbaum, UBA, Argentina.
Dra. Paula Faillace, UBA, Argentina.


The central problem of the drugs that generate addiction is the compulsive use and the lost of control on the apparently voluntary action to look for and to consume the drug. The addiction is a chronic disease, simply because even after a treatment or periods of long abstinence, the risk of the relapse remains high.
In our laboratory we studied some molecular mechanisms and neuronal circuits that can be involved in the persistence, compulsion and relapse to nicotine consumption, in brief we are interested in the long term changes induced by nicotine. We mainly studied two different types of mechanisms in the brain when is exposed it to nicotine: the neuronal adaptations, which are mainly homeostatic responses due to the stimulation with nicotine and the synaptic plasticity, which take to the association of stimuli that relate nicotine to learned specific behaviors.


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Laboratorio de Neurociencias - Departamento de Fisiología - Facultad de Medicina - UBA.
Paraguay 2155 (1121) 7mo piso, Buenos Aires - Argentina

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Lab Phone: 54 11 5950-9500 x 2148; Fax: 54 11 5950-9611
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