Laboratory of Neurosciences

The activities of the group are focused on:

Entrainment pathways of the circadian oscillator. Chronobiological aspects of autonomic nervous system function. Neural mechanisms in circadian regulation. Aging of the circadian system. Melatonin as an internal temporiser. Clinical studies on melatonin effects. Physiological changes in shift-workers.

Neuroimmune-endocrine interaction:
Neuroimmune interactions in lymphoid organs. Circadian organisation of the immune response. Aging of the immune system.

CARDINALI, Daniel Pedro

CARDINALI, Daniel P. M.D. Ph.D. Emeritus Professor, University of Buenos Aires,Established Investigator (Superior, CONICET) VIGO, Daniel Ph.D. Fulltime teaching and Established Investigator (Associate, CONICET)
FURIO, Analía (M.D.) Fulltime teaching and Research appointment
REYES, Patricia (M.D.) Part-time teaching and Research appointment

Ph.D. Students:
SCACCHI, Pablo M.D. Fulltime teaching and Research appointment
VIDAL, María Florencia Research appointment, ANPCYT

LACOSEGLIAZ, Marta Technician
MARTINEZ, Rosalía Technician
ROMANELLI, Graciela I. Research Assistant

Recent Publications

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