In addition to the medical equipment on display (the surgical equipment already mentioned in HISTORY, plus some cardiological instruments, microscopes and several stethoscopes), the museum has medals, medical books from the XVI century onwards, and documents related to our national public health history. Among these documents we find a remarkable register of smallpox vaccination dating from the times of General Juan Manuel de Rosas's government, in 1845; this important scientific work was carried out by Dr. Francisco Javier Muñiz, physician and paleontologist who died while he was taking care of patients suffering from the devastating epidemic of yellow fever, which the city of Buenos Aires went through in 1871.
In storage -not on display at the moment-, we also find antique didactic material (Zeiss projectors and transparencies) belonging to the area of microbiology, among other things. Outside the place occupied by the Chair, we also find the complete reproduction of a 1930's doctor's office, exhibited on the first floor of the Faculty of Medicine, at the "Houssay" Museum of History of the Science and Technology (Museo "Houssay" de Historia de la Ciencia y la Tecnología), which also belongs to the Department of Medical Humanities.

          Laënnec's steth. (1816) and Pinard models                    Cupping glasses.1872

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