Institute of Cardiovascular Physiopathology (INFICA)


The Institute of Cardiovascular Physiopathology was created in 1992 as a Laboratory, part of the Department of Pathology of the School of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires with the aim of performing and promoting activities related to cardiovascular research. At that time, investigators from other universities and institutes found at the Department of Pathology adequate facilities to start working in cardiovascular research. With the support of the rest of the Department, “the Laboratory”, as it was called back then, started to grow very fast and thanks to grants both public and private, different research lines were developed. 

Part of its primary objectives, in addition to research, are teaching and the formation of human resources. Hence, from the beginning, the staff of the Institute was dedicated to undergraduate and post-graduate teaching activities. In this regard, several courses have been developed with the Argentine Society of Cardiology (SAC) and the Argentine Federation of Cardiology (FAC). No less important are the activities on Bioethics and Medical Humanism that are also performed at the Institute specifically oriented to the young scholars and doctoral thesis students. 

There are two signature activities that are carried out in our Institute. On the one hand the presence and participation of undergraduate students in programmed research tasks, and on the other, the different humanistic and bioethics-oriented research programs, which are mainly related to the teaching of medicine. It is worth-mentioning that the presence of undergraduate students in the Institute, actively collaborating in cardiovascular research, has been continuous since the creation of the Institute, and was reinforced in the last years with the creation of the Students' Association for the Science in the School of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires (AECUBA) that was launched at the Institute. 

At present, in addition to its contribution to the formation of undergraduate and post-graduate students, fellows, and the tutoring of more than 10 thesis in preparation, the Institute is proud to maintain an interesting scientific production by publishing on a regular basis in both national and international journals of medium and high impact. It is of particular importance our collaborative association with the Department of Interventional Cardiology of the Hospital Italiano of Buenos Aires. This facilitates the performance of clinical research as well as the formation of young cardiologists infusing a strong scientific orientation in their professional careers. 
Due to the academic and scientific growth of our Institute, as from 2008 we have additioned a sub site at the School of Veterinary Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, which allowed us to increase the number of transgenic animals, and also to include more doctoral thesis students as well as research projects.

Ricardo J. Gelpi 

Institute of Cardiovascular Physiopathology
Pathology Department 

School of Medicine
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